CASIO FX-991ES Plus Functional Scientific 10+2Digit Calculator School Student Engineer


CASIO FX-991ES Plus Functional Scientific 10+2Digit Calculator School Student Engineer


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Casio FX-991ES Plus Scientific Calculator, which stands out thanks to its number of functions and the variety of operations it can perform, also provides ease of use with its screen width and ergonomic design.Casio FX-991ES Plus successfully reflects its purpose of supporting class with technology, with the imaging features it supports, Integration many many many possibilities and many other aspects.

Rich Many Many Many Possibilities, Comfortable Use

  • Casio FX-991ES Plus can work note only with batteries,,, but also with solar energy.The use of a bi-directional power supply also saves energy in sufficient amount of light.In cases where the light is insufficient, it consumes the battery.

  • There are 417 different functions in the product, which enriches the standard functions with many scientific competencies.Tables, fractions, combinations, permutations and statistics calculations make up standard functions.

  • In addition to the above, random integers and a new equation mode are also added to the Casio calculator, which adds to difference calculations with its new features.In addition, integration, matrix, vector, differential and complex number calculations are offered to the user.

  • Another of the privileges that bring the usage to a perfect level is the special screen. The calculator's high resolution display features a dot matrix.The unique display can display exponential of a 2-digit number along with a 10-digit coefficient.

  • The Casio FX-991ES Plus Calculator also offers a textbook display. With the Natural VPAM screen, all expressions can be converted into textbook format.

Power Source: Solar Energy / Battery
Textbook Screen: Yes
Digit Display: 10 + 2
Package: 1x Casio FX-991ES Plus Calculator

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