Irish St Patrick’s Day Costumes

Lucky Irish costumes for St Patrick’s Day

Who is St Patrick? Why are we celebrating him? Was he a leprechaun? Well, well, well… 

St Patrick wasn’t a leprechaun. He really was a legitimate saint. But that’s not why we celebrate him. We celebrate him because he embodied the Irish spirit. He was jovial, generous, and surprisingly lucky. But that’s not the most interesting thing about him.

The most interesting thing about St Patrick is he wasn’t Irish. Seriously. He was born in Britain. And that’s the secret reason we celebrate St Patrick’s Day. If you embody the Irish spirit, it doesn’t matter where you go — you’ll find friends and family. 

On St Paddy’s Day, everyone is Irish. So let’s explore the best Irish outfits and St Patrick’s Day Costumes. Wherever you celebrate, you’re sure to befriend Irish lads, a shamrock sweetheart, and you might even meet a leprechaun. 

What to wear to a St Patrick’s Day party?

Always wear green to a St Patrick’s Day party. Green gives you the luck of the Irish, to be sure, to be sure. Here are the best St Patrick’s Day costume ideas:

  1. Leprechaun outfits: Choose from mens, womens, and novelty leprechaun costumes. 
  2. Green costumes: Hilarious green costumes like a full bodysuit or green gorilla. 
  3. Irish outfits for women: Sexy ideas for an Irish Princess, including a corset and tutu. 
  4. Irish costumes for men: Handsome outfits for Irish lads like a kilt or leisure suit. 
  5. Beer-themed outfits: Such as a green beer bottle or beer mug.
  6. Irish accessories: From green bow ties to ladies tights. 

1. Lucky leprechaun outfits

Congratulations. You’ve followed the rainbow and found the St Patrick’s Day pot of gold — these lucky leprechaun costumes. Each magical outfit blesses you with the luck of the Irish leprechauns. 

2. Hilarious green costumes

It’s St Paddy’s day and green is the new black. But a green costume isn’t enough. On St Patrick’s Day, it has to be outrageous. Luckily, Blossom Costumes have a huge variety of remarkable costumes. As Ireland’s the land of legends, dreamers and rebels, express yourself with a hilarious outfit.

3. Handsome costumes for Irish kings

Kiss me, I’m Irish? Combine your Irish charm and these dashing green outfits and you’ll find an Irish Princess for a St Patrick’s Day kiss.