Top 5 Good Manga Gone Bad

This is very personal…

#5 Wolf Guy

A half-Japanese transfer student arrives at a new middle school with a little secret that may ruin the lives of his peers. Akira, the main character, is a werewolf with an attitude. He seemly fights for dominance in the classroom and tries to walk away from the damage he has done.

A decent manga with a good start that just ends with about thirty chapters of rape. Akira becomes worse as the story continues to the point you despise him. He never commits to anything until the very end but it is too late. Which is pretty sad as the mangaka truly created an interesting world that would have been better with more character development.

#4 Otaku No Musume-san

One day, an otaku comes home to discover the daughter he never knew he had. What’s worse is that she is not an otaku and feels embarrassed to call him “papa” because of his passion.

I really enjoyed this manga until about halfway through. The lolicon character simply was over the top too much which ruined a lot of the emotional effects of this manga. Overall, the story takes a ridiculous approach especially when we are able to get to know the mother better. I was truly disappointed as there was great character development with the main character and his daughter. I think the mangaka was over his head as some of the events of the manga come out of nowhere and didn’t make sense when you took a moment to think about it.

Instead of feeling blissful, I was filled with otaku rage as I kept turning the pages. Could have been so good but simply ends as an okay comedy manga.

#3 RiN

A High school student, Fushimi, aspires to a mangaka. He, however, crosses paths with a girl with psychic powers and the popular girl at his school. Who will he choose? and is he truly destined for ruin?

Another manga from the creator of Beck but this one fails to be a cult classic. Now, don’t get me wrong RiN is a stellar manga until the end. You have good character development, a good story with a nice touch of psychological elements and doesn’t go overboard with the supernatural. However, the romance is the fatal flaw of this series. Fushimi, the m.c., never makes a choice and simply accepts the girl that didn’t leave his side. It wasn’t because he was too focused on his craft it was due to indecision. I like the girl he ends up with but it feels too forced and almost unreal.

I was truly interested in having more chapters but it ended before we really got to see Fushimi truly grow.

#2 Sun-Ken Rock

A young Japanese man flies to South Korea in order to find his true love. Instead of a happy reunion, Ken becomes the leader of a small-time Korean gang. Will he ever end up with his true love even though he is a gangster and she is a cop?

One of my all-time favorite manga ever. I was fully into it until the last three chapters I believe. The ending was truly ridiculous and made me feel like Ken was a b*tch. Yumin’s motivation at the end didn’t make sense and was the main reason as to why this manga has a terrible ending. Boichi is a stellar artist but needs to work on his writing.

#1 Air Gear

The toughest kid at school lives with three beautiful sisters who are secretly members of a rollerblading group. The sisters teach their young housemate the art of Air Gear and how to truly wield his new found power.

This manga could have been one of the top Shounen manga, however, the chapters leading up to the end fall short and truly leave a bad taste in your mouth. I don’t hear about this manga anymore despite the fact that it made rollerblading cool again for a moment. I can’t but wonder if this manga was more of a fad than rollerblading itself. Oh Great! had a lot of good characters but somehow couldn’t weave a good enough story for us to have a good ending.

Now Air Gear will live on as a manga that could have been a leader in the genre.