Is Alderamin on the Sky Worth Watching?


Spoiler Free!

Alderamin on the Sky is an anime that doesn’t shy away from showing the struggles of war, death is inevitable. The anime follows Ikta Solork, who is probably once of the best soldiers out there but there is one problem, he is lazy. One day he is drafted into a high-grade military officer position. You can read more about the story by clicking here.

So is it worth watching? The blunt answer is yes…

Instead of making the protagonist an overpowered killing machine, Ikta is instead a very smart strategist. In my opinion, he does better at leading than killing. The plot isn’t original at all, but that isn’t always a bad thing. Alderamin on the Sky focuses on two empires fighting in a war while highlighting the struggles that Ikta encounters.

Just because Ikta isn’t an overpowered doesn’t mean other characters aren’t, a core example of this is with one of his comrades, Yatorishino Igsem.

See how powerful she is!

I personally loved this scene, which is why it’s here.


The anime is quite surprising at some moments, at first it seems like a harem but quickly runs away from that type image by giving Ikta a rather mature and unique personality. At times he is quirky, funny and flirty. At other times he can be very serious and really push certain scenes to the point where it’s heartbreaking (In a good way).

This anime is brutal, it made me return back to the memories of me in history class learning of how the Anzacs suffered hugely, but all for the right reasons. This anime can portray the same idea, well that depends if you believe their morals.


Alderamin on the Sky is a brutal and heartbreaking anime that doesn’t shy away from showcasing the struggles of war. Using its unique set of cast, it can portray an interesting story while using some anime cliches. At moments, watchers will feel a deep connection with the characters and what’s going around them. The anime can be rather boring for the first couple of episodes and could build upon certain key characters more. Overall, it’s a good watch if you want a fantasy anime that can effectively showcase the brutality of war while delivering a beautiful story with a solid cast of characters. Alderamin on the Sky receives a solid score of 8/10.