WickedBone App Controlled Smart Interactive Pet Toy


WickedBone App Controlled Smart Interactive Pet Toy


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A bone-shaped interactive gaming device that performs like a brilliant, fun and excitingly wicked companion of your pet.

Intelligent & Interactive – two modes
Drive mode – for different moments & experiences
Interactive mode – programmed to attract your dog’s attention

More Than Just a Bone
The delightfully smart, fun and wicked bone that will keep your dog entertained all day.
Intelligent & Interactive
Wickedbone has two modes for different moments and experiences.
Two-Way Communication
The Wickedbone entices your dog to play by moving around on its own
Emotional System
The Wickedbone reacts to the different actions of your dog
App Control
Instantly take control of the Wickedbone
Keep your dog happy and entertained all-day
Adjustable Parameter
Adjust the different parameters such as sensitivity for playing on different grounds
Replaceable Tires
Easy to remove the tires for cleaning and create your own colour combo
Long Battery Life
Charging Wickedbone is also super-easy, with its Micro USB charging cable. Charged once for 1 hour, Wickedbone lasts over 40 minutes in the drive mode and over 4 hours in the interactive mode.
Easy to Clean
The tires of Wickedbone are easy to clean: the detachable tires can be quickly and conveniently cleaned.

Package includes: 1 x white Smart Interactive Pet Toy


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