Casio Fx82ms Scientific Calculator 12 Digit 240Functions Stat Data Calculator


Casio Fx82ms Scientific Calculator 12 Digit 240Functions Stat Data Calculator


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Casio Fx82ms Scientific Calculator 12 Digit 240Functions Stat Data Calculator

Not just four operations at home, school or work, but more than just an ordinary calculator with 240 different functions.Besides its small you, you can solve your complex problem anytime, anywhere with the Casio scientific calculator.Carry a user-friendly, multi-functional and portable calculator with you at all times, with Casio scientific calculators, Which are both helpful in your lessons and your savior in your exams. Its 2-line and 12-digit With extra-large screen, the FX-82MS allows you to solve longer functions and problems on a single screen and read comfortably with its large screen.Among the functional details in its design, casio's scientific calculator offers advantages of easy pressing of keys and not erasing the text on keys with laser printing.

Casio FX-82MS-2 Scientific Calculator, where you can find much more than an ordinary calculator, will fascinate you with its 240 different functions…

The biggest difference from ordinary calculators is that the FX-82MS-2 scientific calculator uses real algebra logic;

  • Coordinate conversion operations will be performed together with angular calculations and conversions (DEG / RAD / GRA),

  • It will solve trigonometry, hyperbola, logarithm, exponential and radical expressions quickly,

  • You will be able to perform many scientific calculations such as replay function, fraction calculation, permutation and combination, statistics (standard deviation, regression analysis) in seconds.

  • In addition, it will be able to keep your calculations without losing its with 9-variable memory; you will be able to view and quickly edit the input data in list format through profit-loss and proportional calculations and the STAT data editor.

Technical specifications:

  • Not programmable

  • Scientific calculator with 240 functions

  • 10-digit coefficient + 2-exponential of digit display.

  • 2 line screen.Big screen for easy reading

  • Dot Matrix: dot matrix screen (High resolution screen allows you to create beautiful looking graphics every time.)

  • Multi Replay: multiple replay (Quick and easy access to previously used formulas for editing and reuse operations.)

  • Plastic keys: Designed and produced easy for use.

  • SV.PAM (Super Visually Perfect Algebra Method): It has all the features of available VPAM series, as well as a 2-line display and a useful Repeat function.All of this makes it easier than ever to use and understand math.

  • STAT data editor: View previous steps and edit input data.

  • No graphics

  • Basic statistics: Standard statistics functions such as Mean, SUM, Standard Deviation, and Regression.

  • Basic math functions: Trigonometry, hyperbola, logarithm, fraction calculations, problem problem-problem-solving.please. Please exponential and radical expressions in seconds

  • Combination and permutation

  • Angular calculations and conversions (DEG / RAD / GRA)

  • 9-variable memory

  • Sliding hard cover and portable design

  • Powered by only one AAA battery (R03)


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